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Pokemon Go hack and tips

Pokemon Go hack is the most anticipated mobile game in 2016. The good news is that Its Back with a bang and now its fans can now relax and enjoy the location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic. The game was released in July 2016 in Australasia, United States and parts of Europe but has gained a lot of popularity and reviewers claim that it may overtake popular sites like Twitter regarding the most active app. This game has transformed the world of gaming and is taking it to the next level.

Here is the Pokemon GO hack.

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1. How to catch Pokemon.

Catching Pokemon is the primary target for playing the game. Most people will agree that catching is an easy task. All you need to do is walk around having the app open on your phone, once you are close enough to a Pokemon your phone will buzz. Just tap on the Pokemon on your screen on the map, this switches to the catching interface. Rings different colors surround Pokemon. The ring may be green yellow or red. The colors determine the level of difficulty of catching the Pokemon. Green is usually the easiest, yellow is intermediate and red indicated the hardest Pokemon to catch.

2. How to track Pokemon near you.

Tracking Pokemon that is nearby may be quite difficult especially if you don’t know the game well. Pokemon that you have already seen show up in full color. To track one you need to find a nearby silhouette and try rounding it up. When you are going close to it, the distance decreases but if you are going in the wrong direction the distance increases. You need to turn around and change direction repeatedly until the length starts dropping.

3. Understanding Pokestops.

Pokestops are special points marked on your map. This is one of the most important Pokemon GO tips. You are expected to pay regular visits to poke stops. Once you close enough to one they activate automatically, your map then expands into poke ball icons, and this will allow you to select various items such as poke balls, potions, revives, and eggs. Lure modules will also be activated in the Pokestops; these represent areas which have a higher probability of getting a Pokemon. Normally they appear as a swarm of hearts.

4. What are gyms Gyms.

They are real-world locations included in the gym in-game locations. Times Square is one example. Here you battle with other trainers in the game. In the gym, you can select a single Pokemon and play against other members of your team who raise the prestige points of that gym which allow more Pokemon to be stationed in that gym thus increases your daily bonus of stardusts and Pokecoins. Gyms are held by rival factions which battle to own them. Owning a gym has plenty of privileges which include free stuff that amounts to significant amounts of currency.

5. How to aim.

Learning how to is important when you are hitting a Pokemon. You have to ensure you are very accurate when throwing your Pokeball. Smaller circles give you higher odds but also lowers the probability of catching the Pokemon. You, therefore, need to ensure you balance the right size and difficulty so as to hit the Pokemon.

6. How to find a Pokemon in their real-time habitats.

To find a rare Pokemon, you may be required to try looking for them in their real-time habitats. For example, an aquatic Pokemon has a high likelihood of being found near water bodies. These may include rivers ponds or near the beaches.

7. Charging your phone.

One of the most disturbing fact of this game is that it will only track Pokemon when the app is open on your phone. Once you close the app, all tracking stops meaning you won’t receive any notifications when there is a Pokemon or Pokestops nearby which means you will have to keep the app open, and your phone charged up so as to continue playing and tracking Pokemon.

8. Using public transport to collect more items.

Most of the times you are playing Pokemon you are on your feet. However, this does not allow you to cover a wider field area. Using a train or a bus might be an excellent way to collect more items. Once you board your preferred means of public transport, ensure you open the app and start before you depart that station. Once you are in a poke stop, all you need to do is hit X to collect all the items available. This is a great way of stocking up your poke balls, revives, potions and the eggs.

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Finally, there are many more tips and tricks that you are going to learn as you continue playing the game. These are some of the most relevant and essential ones you need to know to get started with the game or improve your playing skills. I hope you found these Pokemon GO hack helpful, created just like the clash royale hack tool by game-cheats.

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